________3leven (________3leven) wrote in pozitivitee,

01. Actually these aren't NEW, the only thing thatisn't new here. They are silk boxers

02.black tshirt i got for going back to school

03. Another tee shirt

04. A tiny action figure I got with a Hello kitty mascara

05. the lock and key goes with the box

06. flashligth!

07. my agenda book

08. car air fresheners the ones on the left there is 2 others with it!

09. face cloth and it was one of those ones where are compacted in some shape and you put in water to get loose

10. my brush an di have a purse i think i have posted before?

11. halloween basket!

12. keychain to fit lil pictures

13. alarm clock!

14. notebook!

15. the gretaest coloring book ever. i think i was born again after i purchased this

16. cellphone pocket!

17. pen!

18. necklace hers is in the middle it's sort of clear so it may be hard to see

19. cards!!
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hi there! I know it's been a while since these has been posted but are ur hello kitty stuff still available?